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In addition to providing investment capital for underperforming businesses, Pathfinder also offers turnaround, productivity improvement and financial advisory consulting services to middle market companies and their lenders and investors.

The Pathfinder principals have a proven track record of assessing, assisting, and restructuring troubled companies. We quickly determine the major drivers of the business, and from there focus on improving operations, creating a path to profitability, and generating positive cash flow to unlock value and change the outcome. Keys to our success include heavy operational analysis and involvement, detailed bottoms-up financial scenario development, and extensive communication with management, line personnel, customers, and suppliers to ascertain areas for improvement.

Our expertise is both wide and deep. While our principals have worked in a diverse set of industries, giving them a breadth of knowledge, they have also spent extensive time in services, distribution, and manufacturing. This gives Pathfinder the tools to not only examine the intricacies of an individual business, but also see it in the larger context of its industry.

$10 to $200 million in sales
Unprofitable or trending towards unprofitability
Capital shortages
Pressure from lenders
Cash poor
Creditor build-up
Industry troubles
Loss of sales
Management succession issues
Technical default with bank
Unmanageable debt load
Inability to refinance
Need for exit
Special situations
Survival & growth plans

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