Dave Mack / Principal

(847) 274-7604
J. Paul Ossa / Principal
(214) 557-4398
Jonathan White
(708) 448-1047


Pathfinder is an investor in the lower end of the middle market. We invest in companies that are in various stages of underperformance, from deep distress (e.g., in or near bankruptcy) to simply not-living-up-to-expectations. We understand and have experience in services, distribution, manufacturing, and a host of other types of businesses, and will examine a wide range of potential investments with the goal of answering the question: can we create value for our investors, management, employees, and ourselves?

We are adept at investing and working in the uncertain and changing economic environments that challenge business owners and managers. Value creation and improvement is our interest, passion, and singular goal in every investment. Pathfinder provides management teams and owners with the financial strategic and operational resources to maximize the probability of success. While we most often invest as single controlling owners, we welcome the opportunity to co-invest with other private equity groups, especially in situations that require our management and operational expertise.

$10 to $150 million in sales
Transaction values of $3 to $50 million
Equity investments of $1 to $10 million
Ability to double or triple EBITDA/profitability in 3 to 5 years
Industries: services, distribution, manufacturing, and others on an opportunistic basis
Marginal & underperforming
Divestitures & family succession challenges
Industries in transition
Consolidation plays
Special situations
Debt restructurings

Chicago Office: 2015 Orrington Avenue ● Evanston, IL 60201  |  Dallas Office: 1211 Cambridge Dr. ● Carrollton, TX 75007
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