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Maximizing Value, Profitability & Cash Flow
Our overall approach to improving business performance and value is interactive. We believe that the best results are achieved by utilizing the skills, knowledge and experience that already exist within the Company – and blending these assets with Pathfinder’s expertise to optimize business processes and maximize organizational effectiveness, sales and financial performance.
Pathfinder’s experienced professionals will assist the Company in evaluating their current situation and work with management to develop a comprehensive solution. We believe that the development of a successful profit plan begins with a thorough analysis of all available facts and a complete evaluation of all available options. Enduring success requires tremendous focus on a positive outcome for the Company and for all of its stakeholders. Pathfinder will first work with management to develop a performance improvement strategy and then collaborate throughout the implementation process to ensure the Company achieves its goals on a timely and consistent basis.

$10 to $200 million in sales
Unprofitable or trending towards unprofitability
Capital shortages
Pressure from lenders
Cash poor
Creditor build-up
Industry troubles
Loss of sales
Management succession issues
Technical default with bank
Unmanageable debt load
Inability to refinance
Need for exit
Special situations
Survival & growth plans

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