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Some turnaround firms talk about and pitch only good outcomes. We don’t. By their nature, most of the engagements we work on involve varying amounts of stress, conflict, and loss. What we stand behind is our ability to deliver the best outcome, given the circumstances. And to deliver the best outcome, engagement after engagement, we rely on the following set of underlying values:

All of our engagements are led by experienced leaders and operators with hands-on experience running businesses serving in positions of significant responsibility. Our team members possess the functional expertise and skill sets to successfully manage virtually any project.
Our management style is best described as collaborative. We work cooperatively with existing management teams. We interview extensively, from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart. We are big believers in MBWAmanagement by walking around. Because of our collaborative style and personal concern for our clients and the outcome, we have a long list of former clients, both management and creditors, with whom we have relationships today.
We embrace straight talk and foster a culture of candid and clear communications. Owners and managers often have unrealistic forecasts for their business’s future. Lenders often have unrealistic expectations for what their collateral is worth. We force them to face reality.
In distress situations, time is of the essence. Most business people have experience in the normal course of business, not distress. Hence, they make decisions too slowly, or not at all out of paralysis. We instill a sense of urgency into the process to make sure what needs to get done gets done, and done on time.
To some, consultant is a dirty word. Their experience has shown exorbitant fees, unusable recommendations, and an unmanageable data dump at the end of a project. We are results-oriented and provide not only recommendations, but also implementation.

$10 to $200 million in sales
Unprofitable or trending towards unprofitability
Capital shortages
Pressure from lenders
Cash poor
Creditor build-up
Industry troubles
Loss of sales
Management succession issues
Technical default with bank
Unmanageable debt load
Inability to refinance
Need for exit
Special situations
Survival & growth plans

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